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This episode is about Business Intelligence. Whether you’re actively aware of it or not, your Property Management System is constantly generating a ton of data on a daily basis. And this data, if sliced and diced the right way, can present you with some excellent opportunities to boost revenue. But the challenge is to find a way to effectively tabulate and measure this data.

Recently, I was made aware of a tool called Hotel IQ and the company behind it is Intelligent Hospitality. I reached out to them and they were gracious enough to give me an in-depth demo of what their system could do. I’ll be honest – I was seriously impressed! The ease and speed at which this system could work its way through enormous amounts of data was staggering. And it was one of the easiest platforms to operate. The best part – It is surprisingly affordable.

In this podcast, I speak with Apo Demirtas – The CEO and Founder of Intelligent Hospitality and we discuss the Decision Support tool as well as speak about opportunities that hoteliers can take advantage of. As Apo points out in the podcast, they’re not a technology company – They are hoteliers and business strategists who understand business intelligence.

Great conversation – check it out!


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  1. We deliver a similar product to Hotel IQ. Our hotel-specific solution not only pulls business critical information from the PMS application, like Hotel IQ, but also pulls in financial information from the accounting system, Smith Travel data to do comp set comparative reporting, financial benchmarking reporting, not only on the revenue side, but expense side as well, labor management data and guest satisfaction directly from the brands, including verbatim comments. If you ever consider a similar podcast on this topic, or any of the specific areas that populate our BI (accounting, labor, comp set, etc…), we’d be happy to participate.

  2. Thank you. Please send me more information on Would like to review it.

    Rohit Seth
    Host – Hotel Marketing Podcast

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